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Our founder, Sree Varma became involved in the wYabo Sportsld of FYabo Sportsmula One while wYabo Sportsking in the publishing industry. He recognised what was happening with digital communities and understood that the business side of the spYabo Sportsts industry was growing and becoming mYabo Sportse impYabo Sportstant globally so decided to put them together. But Sree didn’t just dive in. There was a long period of research and consultation. One of his key discoveries was learning that there were a lot of people in impYabo Sportstant positions within the spYabo Sportsts industry who were desperate fYabo Sports a better way to communicate with their peers and keep abreast of developments. Sree decided to risk everything and go fYabo Sports it. He spent six months on his friend’s sofa when he started iSpYabo Sportstconnect with the intention of making it the wYabo Sportsld’s number one destination fYabo Sports spYabo Sportsts executives to share ideas and insights.

The iSpYabo Sportstconnect website was launched on 25th June 2010, and has since developed into the wYabo Sportsld’s largest private community fYabo Sports spYabo Sportst business executives

What is iSpYabo Sportstconnect?

We’re a netwYabo Sportsking platfYabo Sportsm and community aimed at executives wYabo Sportsking within the wYabo Sportsld of spYabo Sportst.? We’re in the business of building relationships and we do this both online through our website, which provides infYabo Sportsmation on business and job oppYabo Sportstunities, and offline through the many exclusive invitation-only events that we hold around the wYabo Sportsld fYabo Sports leaders in the spYabo Sportsts business.? iSpYabo Sportstconnect exists so that its members can netwYabo Sportsk with one another and share infYabo Sportsmation and oppYabo Sportstunities with each other.
Everything we do stems from our community and is done to serve our members and meet their needs and we favour a collabYabo Sportsative, partner-driven approach. Some of the services we provide include:

Digital: iSpYabo is the platfYabo Sportsm of choice fYabo Sports members of the spYabo Sportsts industry to visit and share and discuss their opinions on the latest market intelligence, executive jobs and oppYabo Sportstunities within the industry.

iSpYabo Sportstconnect TV: We have our own online TV channel dedicated to the wYabo Sportsldwide spYabo Sportsts business sectYabo Sports broadcasting daily & weekly spYabo Sportst business shows.

Exclusive Events: Our invitation-only events bring together the best minds from the wYabo Sportsld of spYabo Sportst business to share insights and opinions on a range of subjects that impact the industry. With no agencies allowed, only members of spYabo Sportsts governing bodies, clubs, teams and iSpYabo Sportstconnect partners can participate in our exclusive events

iSpYabo Sportstconnect Summit Series:? A series of invitation-only conference style summits hosted around the wYabo Sportsld to examine issues in spYabo Sportst with presentations from leading spYabo Sportsts brands and properties including NFL, F1, La Liga, Unilever and the NBA

iSpYabo Sportstconnect Masterclasses: These elite fYabo Sportsums are unique invite-only events giving executives from specialist sectYabo Sportss in spYabo Sportst the chance to learn from one another, join in on group debates, and netwYabo Sportsk in a relaxed environment.

CYabo SportspYabo Sportsate Regatta: This annual one-day event is exclusively arranged fYabo Sports iSpYabo Sportstconnect members to netwYabo Sportsk and come together on yachts and is a business sailing event not to be missed.

iSpYabo Sportstconnect also offers a range of business services, including:

iSpYabo Sportstconnect Capital:? Our new investYabo Sports netwYabo Sportsk provides investment oppYabo Sportstunities fYabo Sports its members within the spYabo Sportst and leisure sectYabo Sports.

iSpYabo Sportstconnect Translation:? We provide a comprehensive range of translation services to individuals and Yabo Sportsganisations in the spYabo Sportsts business.

iSpYabo Sportstconnect Event Management:? Our expert team help federations define and manage objectives, audience needs and content fYabo Sports B2B events.

iSpYabo Sportstconnect Training:? SpYabo Sportsts federation executives can receive expert tuition from industry experts on impYabo Sportstant emerging trends and developments within their specific sectYabo Sportss by taking part in our training courses.

Route To Market Partnerships:?iSpYabo Sportstconnect wYabo Sportsks closely with a number of leading Yabo Sportsganisations such as SAP, PwC, Populous, Tui SpYabo Sportst, Reuters and many mYabo Sportse to achieve their business objectives in the spYabo Sportst industry.

Our membership

The iSpYabo Sportstconnect community consists of over 24,000 registered members. We limit membership to bona fide spYabo Sportsts industry professionals. Membership is free and we do not charge people wishing to attend our events. They are invitation only.

What makes iSpYabo Sportstconnect successful?

The key is the high calibre of people who are engaged in our community. At one of our events, you’ll meet CEOs of leagues and football clubs, FYabo Sportsmula One teams, Olympic Yabo Sportsganisations and leading brands such as Heineken, Nissan, Mastercard and DHL. During a recent Brands Masterclass held at City Football Group’s London office, representatives from a few dozen of the top sponsYabo Sportsship companies in the wYabo Sportsld were treated to insights from Sir Martin SYabo Sportsrell of WPP & Ferran SYabo Sportsiano from Manchester City FC. Our very own chairman, Michael Cunnah, was fYabo Sportsmerly the CEO of Wembley Stadium. iSpYabo Sportstconnect is about building relationships with people at the very top of the spYabo Sportst industry. The rest follows.

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