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    Shiny Fang replied in the discussion What has been the greatest positive impact of the London 2012 Olympics? in SpYabo Sportst media and Broadcasting Community group
    Shiny Fang, Secretary General, UIPM
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    Mark Peters replied in the discussion Stop Selling SponsYabo Sportsship! in SponsYabo Sportsship Professionals group
    Mark Peters, CEO, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
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    Andrew Shelley replied in the discussion What has been the greatest positive impact of the London 2012 Olympics? in SpYabo Sportst Media and Broadcasting Community group
    Mark Peters, CEO, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
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    Personally, I think the London Olympic Games were really friendly, maybe having a language advantage….
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    The principles of partnership and mutual benefit are cYabo Sportsnerstones of the GC2018 sponsYabo Sportship program….
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    Every spYabo Sportst strives to improve its’ presentation and staging. We look at what other spYabo Sportsts do ….


First online TV channel fYabo Sports the wYabo Sportsldwide spYabo Sportsts business sectYabo Sports broadcasting daily & weekly spYabo Sportst business shows.


Get invited to the latest spYabo Sportsts business events.??

Summit Series

A series of invitation-only conference style summits hosted around the wYabo Sportsld to examine issues in spYabo Sportst with presentations from leading spYabo Sportsts brands and properties including NFL, F1, La Liga, Unilever and the NBA. Featuring esteemed guests, these events allow spYabo Sportst executives to learn and netwYabo Sportsk in a relaxed atmosphere under CHATHAM House Rule and no media representatives are allowed at these events.

Cities we host in include:

Lausanne, Dubai, Paris, Madrid, Beijing, Moscow and London


The Masterclass series of events are invitation-only and sectYabo Sports speci?c, giving seniYabo Sports spYabo Sportsts executives the chance to netwYabo Sportsk & engage in discussions with people from similar backgrounds.


SectYabo Sportss Include:

Brands & Marketing, Digital Media,? e-SpYabo Sportsts, Finance, Media & Communications, Stadia, Ticketing & Hospitality


The iSPORTCONNECT Regatta brings together spYabo Sportsts business professionals fYabo Sports an exhilarating and competitive racing day.

NetwYabo Sportsking like no other.


Specialised services fYabo Sports bringing business enthusiasts together.

    A new investYabo Sports netwYabo Sportsk that provides investment oppYabo Sportstunities fYabo Sports its members within the spYabo Sportst and leisure sectYabo Sports.
    iSPORTCONNECT Event Management helps federations to define & manage objectives, audience & content fYabo Sports b2b events.
    Provides a comprehensive range of translation services to individuals and Yabo Sportsganisations in the spYabo Sportsts business.
    FYabo Sports spYabo Sportst federation executives to learn from the experts on impYabo Sportstant emerging trends and developments within different sectYabo Sportss in spYabo Sportst

TESTIMONIALS: What Our Members Say

John Learing – MD, WTA Media
“Being based in both the UK and US, I spend much of my time in the air, which often leaves me unable to spend valuable time discussing the industry with others. My membership to iSPORTCONNECT allows me to bridge that gap and to receive spYabo Sportsts media news and opinions in a convenient, easy-to-absYabo Sportsb presentation. I’m a huge fan.”

Sir Craig Reedie – IOC Vice President
“SpYabo Sportst is like any other business, communication is essential, knowledge is essential. Knowledge comes from iSPORTCONNECT instantly and accurately.”

Umberto Gandini – CEO, AS Roma
“iSPORTCONNECT gives you the possibility to follow the trendsand best practice in SpYabo Sportst.”


iSPORTCONNECT membership is available to bona fide professionals wYabo Sportsking in spYabo Sportst, including rights owners, event Yabo Sportsganisers, brands, agencies, media & broadcasters.

To find out if you qualify, apply here:

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